Our financial planning process

Certified financial planner

Understanding your unique circumstances, goals and primary financial needs are first priority of our financial planners in Horsham. Why? Because this is all about you!

The Hillross six-process strategy also establishes a framework around how we will work together in the future, so we can understand and meet your expectations of us.

  1. A Positioning Meeting. At this initial meeting we learn a little more about each other.
  2. Fact-Finding Meeting. We will collect information from your to help us understand where you currently standing financially, and your goals for the future.
  3. Strategy Consideration. After considering different financial planning strategies and the issues likely to impact upon your wealth (such as taxation and debt management) we will give you a written financial plan with recommendations.
  4. Financial Plan Review. At this stage your financial advisor will explain our recommendations to you and make sure you are feeling comfortable with our advice.
  5. Implementation. Hillross Geelong & Horsham will implement the recommendations that are endorsed by you. This process usually takes two to three weeks to complete.
  6. Review Meeting. Over time we will periodically meet with you to ensure you are tracking toward your goals, and continue to make gains into the future.

With our advice and support, you can feel confident that your superannuation and SMSF, wealth management, retirement planning and debt management strategies are moving you toward the future you’ve planned for.

For more information about the Hillross six-step process, contact us or phone our offices on the numbers above.