Aged care financial advice in Geelong and Horsham

Aged care financial advice in Geelong and Horsham is a fundamental service of the financial advisors with Hillross Geelong & Horsham.

After a lifetime of working hard you deserve to be comfortable and secure in your senior years, and a Hillross Geelong & Horsham aged care financial planner can eliminate concerns about financial security and meeting the expenses that can accompany an aged care lifestyle.

The issues to consider relating to aged care finance in Geelong, Horsham and elsewhere can be mind boggling, ranging from budgeting and superannuation, through to reverse mortgages and pensions.

At Hillross Horsham & Geelong, our aged care finance plans and retirement planning for Geelong and Horsham residents addresses your key concerns.

You might want to know whether you have to sell your family home before moving into aged care, whether an investment portfolio will have an impact on your care or whether your financial situation qualifies you for supported resident status.

Questions our aged care financial advisors commonly receive involve the likelihood of aged care pensions continuing when moving into care and how to achieve the best possible choice of aged care facility with the financial resources available.

Hillross Geelong & Horsham’s financial planners in Geelong and Horsham acknowledge that without the contribution and hard work of our senior citizens we might not have the lifestyles we enjoy today. In honour of our seniors’ contribution, Hillross Horsham & Geelong strives to achieve the most desirable and beneficial aged care outcomes for our clients.

Qualified aged care financial advisors, Geelong and Horsham

Our aged care financial planners are qualified and accredited, and clients can be assured our advice and guidance is the best available and in line with current legislative requirements and guidelines.

If you’d like to talk about aged care financial planning, or require assistance with any other financial issues such as  retirement planning, superannuation for Geelong and Horsham residents or assistance with debt and wealth management, please contact a Hillross Horsham & Geelong financial advisor today.

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