Our financial planning FAQ

Financial planning and SMSF

Where is Hillross located?

Our Hillross Horsham office is at 31 Darlot St in Horsham. Our clients tell us they feel comfortable and relaxed meeting in our offices. We can also meet at your home or office, if it’s more convenient.

How are you different from other financial planning firms?

Compared with some other financial planning firms, we are proud to take a modern, progressive approach to financial planning. Instead of us telling you what you need from the outset, we take the time to listen and understand your unique circumstances. Our meetings are all about you, not us!

Tell me about the Hillross Six-Step Process?

At Hillross we work hard to ensure you are feeling comfortable with your wealth creation, wealth protection, retirement planning and superannuation SMSF strategies by taking you through a six-step process that gives your every opportunity to take control of your financial future.

What is debt management and coaching?

While not all debt is bad debt, it’s important to understand how to recognise bad debt and gain control over your finances – which is where debt management and coaching comes in. Also, our financial planning teams can show you how to actively use debt to build your wealth.

Do you only assist clients with their long-term wealth creation goals?

Absolutely not. Rather than a long-term wealth creation goal, some of our clients have a particular need that we work with them to address. For example, to consolidate their super, to commence an income protection policy or to start managing their money more effectively so that they can upgrade their home. Often we begin to work with our clients more comprehensively as their financial coach once we have satisfied their initial need.

I’ve heard that managing your own superannuation is too difficult. Is this true?

With the right advice, a self-managed superannuation fund is the right option for some people. Hillross are experts in guiding people through the self-managed superannuation process, including SMSF compliance.

Hillross looks forward to understanding your financial needs and long-term goals. Contact us to make an appointment or phone our offices on the numbers above.