Wrap up from our Women’s Workshop

July 20, 2018

On Wednesday 18 July, Hillross Horsham was pleased to host 35 women at our Women’s Workshop at the Horsham College Trade Centre Restaurant.

The workshop was about women ‘investing in themselves’ and increasing their awareness and knowledge about their finances, estate and insurances.

Our speakers

We were pleased to be joined by a great range of speakers for our workshop. These included:

  • Alisha Cameron, Hillross Horsham Financial Adviser and Partner. Alisha shared the importance of protecting yourself and your family through insurance should the unthinkable occur.
  • Dannae Woolman, Hillross Horsham Financial Adviser. Dannae spoke about the importance of superannuation, how your superannuation is taxed and how you can boost your superannuation savings.
  • Jacci Pirouet, Valued Client of Hillross Horsham. Jacci joined the workshop to share her biggest hurdle in life so far and how having the right insurances in place has helped her to continue to live life as normally as possible while battling cancer.
  • Montana Ledgar, Hillross Horsham Client Services Team Member. Montana showed attendees the ‘Big Book of Everything’ and explained the importance of the book and why everyone needs one.
  • Unfortunately our guest speaker – Local Solicitor Brooke Reardon of ‘Your Law Firm’ was unable to attend but we will try to include Brooke’s content in a future event or blog!

The Women’s Financial Workshop included:

  • Networking and sharing ‘what’s your idea of Financial Freedom?’ which ranged from spending time with friends and family, travelling, owning a home, generating passive income, being debt free, enjoying a comfortable retirement and ‘the good things in life.’
  • Superannuation – why it’s especially important for women given that men’s superannuation balances at retirement are on average twice as large as women’s (according to the 2017 WGEA Insight Paper ‘Women’s economic security in retirement‘)
    • Strategies available to help women increase retirement savings
    • The difference it can make to your retirement balance the earlier/younger you choose to make your super contributions a priority (not just relying on what your employer contributes on your behalf).
  • The various personal insurances available and the benefit of each – highlighting that we insure our car, homes and their contents but what about the one thing that allows us to have and enjoy these things – our income!
  • Our big book of everything – Ladies were gifted a book that we’ve put together that encourages them to put all their important documents in the one place should the unthinkable occur and someone other than themselves needs access to all this information (maybe your Power of Attorney). The book should include things such as:
    • Your professional advisers (accountant, solicitor, financial planner)
    • Your bank account details and the reason for each account
    • Your passwords (even for things like Facebook etc so accounts can be managed in event of death)
    • Certified copies of your Will and Enduring Powers of attorney and ID etc
    • We also stress the importance of considering who you trust this information with and keeping it secure!
  •  A valued clients story – Jacci Pirouet shared her experience of working with a financial adviser and the benefits this provided in her time of need when diagnosed with cancer. You can also read more about Jacci’s story in the article she wrote for us here.

Some of the financial advice questions on the night from our attendees were:

  • In relation to insurance if you have existing health issues is it even worth bothering apply for cover?
  • Can casual employees get income protection?

The answers to both of these questions is very much reliant on your individual circumstance , but come see your Hillross Financial Adviser so we can help you with your specific situation.

Comments from some of our attendees:

“I didn’t know superannuation does not just form part of your estate assets – understanding the importance of your nomination on your super fund was a real eye opener to me.”

“This was the kick up the bum I needed.”

“Having Jacci speak just made it so real.”

“Tonight made me feel like it really is time to take control & take ownership & start making these things important!!”

For any questions, to make an appointment with a financial planner or to express interest in future events, just contact us.