Real Hillross Client Series – Meet Anthony Dunn

November 2, 2017

Originally from Horsham, Anthony Dunn is now a paramedic living in Melbourne.

What was your financial situation like prior to contacting Hillross Horsham & Geelong?

Stagnant. I had plenty of cash savings, but my money wasn’t working for me.

I also had no idea of insurances that I should have had in place, such as income protection. Therefore, although I had savings, I was still potentially vulnerable if things had have gone wrong.

I had not considered whether my superannuation was right for me, having continued with the default super option of my first after school job.

How were you feeling about your financial situation before you called to a make an appointment?

I was happy with what I had saved up, but after attending a Hillross presentation evening, I realised that simply earning bank interest on savings was not making the most out of my money. After hearing an overview of what Hillross can offer clients, I knew I could be much better off.

What stopped you from taking action?

At the time I was not long out of school and still living at home with my parents, so financial planning wasn’t something I had worried about. I knew roughly that I was saving more than I was spending, but did not consider other needs or future requirements.

Why did you decide to speak to a financial advisor?

The Hillross presentation evening I attended helped me come to the realisation that I could be doing much better financially. Richard Goudie and John Manserra both made informative presentations of the varied services they can offer their clients in terms of building share and investment portfolios and superannuation and insurance advice.

How did your first/first couple of meetings go?

Great! I sat with John Manserra who took a complete overview of my current financial situation. We also discussed my financial goals and John put together a plan to best achieve those.

My needs and goals were always the number one priority, and although I came across many concepts that were foreign to me, everything was thoroughly explained.

What goals did you set?

To gradually build up an investment portfolio that could eventually provide a passive income.

In the short term this meant working out a budget, so I could better track where and how I was spending my money. This gave me the ability to direct the maximum contributions possible towards my investment portfolio, without making hard lifestyle sacrifices.

How did you feel afterwards?

I felt relieved that my finances were on track and my money was now working for me. Another big relief was knowing that the necessary insurances were in place should the worst happen.

What’s your idea of financial freedom?

I love to travel, and have a big list of destinations that I am slowly ticking off. My idea of financial freedom is having the financial capacity to see the world, and the freedom to take the time to do it properly! Having the means to do all the things I enjoy is my idea of financial freedom.