What Geelong and Horsham financial planners can do for you

May 18, 2015

Many people put off considering their financial situation until they are considering retirement – however there are many different situations when seeking the advice of a financial advisor in Geelong and Horsham can help.

A visit to a Certified Financial Planner® can help you assess your financial position and identify your personal and financial goals.

You may require help with:

  • budgeting or debt management
  • planning for your future home
  • investing
  • planning to start a family
  • planning your children’s education
  • facing redundancy
  • insurance
  • planning a holiday or career break
  • security in the case of injury or illness
  • planning your retirement

In all these stages, financial advice would be beneficial.

Choosing an experienced and well-qualified Certified Financial Planner® is very important!

Hillross Geelong and Horsham Certified Financial Planners® take a personal approach ensuring you are given the information you need for whichever stage of life you are in. Ours will be an ongoing relationship that will motivate you to continue to succeed.

Ask yourself, is your financial situation in order? Be in charge of your own financial goals!

For more information about choosing a financial planner & what they can do for you, please see our FPA brochure – choosing a financial planner.